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There are two main organisations running agility competition in the UK. The Kennel Club (KC) and United Kingdom Agility (UKA). You can register with either of them or both. There are also independent shows. All of them have slightly different rules and regulations and competitors should familiarise themselves with them before entering or attending.

KC rules are here

UKA rules are here

Kennel Club shows
Your dog must be registered with the Kennel Club to enter a show.

If your dog is a pedigree, you will just need your KC registration number, dogs name, and date of birth from the registration certificate.

If your dog is a non-pedigree or you do not have the pedigree documentation you will need to register it on the Kennel Club Activities Register. The link to the page is:

You can either register online or fill in a form 5.

Your dog must have a unique name which can be a bit of a problem. It is worth searching online to see if anyone else is using that name. There is an option to let the KC choose the name. It is not often that people like those names. The KC will contact you if a name is already in use. It can take several weeks for the process to be completed and for your dog to become registered.

Getting your dog measured

How high dogs jump in competitions is determined by their height at the withers.
It is a Kennel Club requirement that all dogs that compete in medium or small dog classes are measured. Dogs that will obviously measure into the large group need not be measured.

Measuring can be dome from when the dog is 15 months old

There are measuring sessions at shows through the year, and sometimes there are specially arranged sessions. Details of planned measuring sessions can be found at

The dog’s height is recorded in an official Agility Record Book and they are useful for recording the dog’s achievements. They are sometimes checked to ensure the dog is eligible for the class they are entered in. Books are usually available at measuring sessions or from Kennel Club publications.

The dog must have a way of identifying it. That is usually a microchip or it can be an ear tattoo. If it has neither, you must have a passport-sized photo of the dog.

You will need to pay the measuring fee of £4 per measurement to the measurers.

Second measurement.
A second measurement must be carried out not less than 12 months and not more than 24 months after the date of the first measurement. If the height on the second measurement is different from the first, a third and final measurement must be arranged within two months of the second measurement, at which the measurers are both different from the measurers who conducted the first and second measurements.

Finding Shows

The best place to look for shows is

Shows are listed on the show diary page and there are links to the show processing websites such as ASO, Showtime, First Place Processing, South West Agility Processing, and Agility Plazza.

If you have any problems email the show processor they are all very helpful.

Most shows are available to enter on-line through the show processors website but you can still download a paper entry form.

Entries for shows usually close at least 6 weeks before the show sometimes it can be two months. If you want to camp at a show you usually need to book as soon as the entries open.

Entering a Show

Once you have registered your dog with the show processor it is fairly easy to enter a show. They will automatically enter you for the classes you are eligible for. It is worth checking they are what suits you. Sometimes there will be more classes you are eligible for than you are permitted to enter. You will have to choose what is best for you.

A ring plan and your running orders will be available on line about a week before the show or you can choose for it to be sent out in the post.

At the Show

Check Venue

Organisers may hold shows at various locations during a year, and venues can change. People have been known to go to the wrong place.

Check the weather
For what to take to the show and travelling

What to take.

Running order and Ring Plan – highlight your classes

Directions to venue

Record books – These could well be asked for on spot checks being carried out by judges or show management, to ensure dogs are measured, registered etc.

Waterproofs, Running shoes, and dog coat

Sun cream for you and dog.

Protection for dogs in cars, reflective sheets, windbreaks

Water and bowl for dogs

Dogs lead, collar harness, poo bags, treats, toy

first aid kit human and dog,

Food, drink, flask


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