An introduction to Herding & Sheepdog Training


Our dog Ty with our small flock of Wiltshire Horn Sheep. He is holding them back so we can put food down for them without being knocked over by them.

Introduction to Sheepdog Training and Herding Assessment workshops.

You can try your dog to find out what herding ability it has using our sheep in a safe environment, and learn how we go about training sheepdogs.

This is
for pastoral breeds. We will accept all breeds from herding origins but not terriers, hounds or lurchers, dogs can be of any age from 6 months as their assessment will be done to suit the dog ability.

If your dog has potential we can get you started on the basics and advise on your ongoing training depending on what your aspirations are i.e. do you want a working farm dog, or to compete in sheepdog trials, or pass a breed working test such as the Kennel Club herding test for Border Collie.

Workshops have four to six handlers, and last about three hours we usually start at 10am.

Handler with your own dog 30.

Sheepdog herding assessment 1-2-1.

If you prefer to do the assessment and training on your own. We can show you what to do with of our dogs and then help you find out what herding ability your dog has. If your dog has potential we can go on to a training lesson. Sessions usually take about hour and cost 30.


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